Today I woke with my memory of an elevator moment with Jenny Price

I was at the launch of the Kelly Holmes trust in Leeds and the chief exec of sport England called out for volunteers to sell their sport.

Not being shy at these points I successfully volunteered and managed my 30 seconds to convince her that having volleyball courts littered across our countries beaches would create more of an active nation when holidaying and would drive people into our sport through their experiences of playing beach volleyball while on holiday, not just when they went abroad.

VE outdoor officer #showcaseshilton has done a marvellous job in starting this process with lots of new courts this summer, along with the Olympic sand recycling of the new courts in London and courts littered along the South west coast by beach fans. But more are required ahead of 2012.

I am working with the CSP Active Devon Active villages project and we are aiming to site a permanent grass volleyball court in all 16 Villages.

I hope I can manage that by the time everyone is inspired to play from watching London 2012.

Have you got an open space near you?

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