The weekend with Denise offered an invaluable insight into the entry-level beach volleyball. She managed to give me a smooth transition from indoor techniques to a fresh new ‘beach thinking’.

She was firm yet approachable, very professional and prepared for various levels of players. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would like to point out that over many years of playing I have not come across such a high quality of volleyball coaching in the UK.


Croyde 2001

This year was my 3rd beach camp with Denise. The quality of the coaching experience has been consistently exceptional throughout. 

I started playing about 10 years ago in Brighton. My team has lots of experience (and determination), but we’ve always lacked a proper training. Denise and her team of skilled coaches have helped us to take our game to a much more sophisticated level. And it’s just so satisfying to have a deep understanding of the game, and to get fine-grained feedback on the details of your performance. We leave each camp with so much to think about – it genuinely takes us a year to put it all into practise before we are ready for a next round!

I go to camp primarily for the technical and physical development, but the social scene is always a delight. Lots of folks from all around the world, all keep to push themselves. Denise does an exemplary job of setting the tone from the start, which ensures that the group is both highly supportive, whilst also feeling comfortable to give each other the encouragement and challenge to step it up when we need to.

For my day job I train teachers. I have analysed hundreds of teachers of the years, and I can say with confidence that Denise is a seriously talented coach. The way she works the group and gets the best out of individuals is subtle and impactful. And she does it all with such authenticity that is makes it hard not to grow fond of her along the way.

Peps McCrea Dean Institute for Teaching

Tenerife 2019

I thought the w/end was very successful and enjoyed it immensely. It was good that Denise challenged us but also kept it at our level.

As someone who’s never actually really played beach vball before, it was perfect as I now feel confident I could enter a beach competition (although how well I’d actually do is another matter!) and at least know what was going on. And of course the basics always need work – the digging work was particularly good.

It was really great that there were only 8 of us, so you got advice on exactly what you personally do wrong/well.

Good mix of learning techniques & playing games. Relaxed atmosphere and Denise made it easy for you to just “have a go” at everything, even if it went horribly wrong!

It was nice that Denise had a few clear basic messages which got repeated a lot and which you can keep in your head the whole time – e.g. use legs, keep low etc.

Denise put everything into a game context as well, so that you understood when you were supposed to use what and why and that she talked about trying to understand what the other team are going to do and how to react to it.

It was nice that we weren’t all from one team because it was nice to play with different people. I think it would be good to encourage newcomers or more improvers to try it.

Civil Service Weekend

Croyde 2003

Actually, I had never heard of Beach Inc before a dear friend of mine told that she was going to try it with some friends that had signed her up for a birthday present.

What have caught me most is the fantastic homey atmosphere that Denise, her husband and the lovely instructors create.

Everybody is welcome and everyone gets a lot of attention and are treated equally, no matter the skill or experience.

Combining drills with tournaments and social play just makes everyone understand all aspects of this sport and you can play as much as the weather allows or until the sun comes down, and more or less all the players and instructors do, day after day.

That makes this camp so unique, people just love to hangout around the courts playing both with friends other camp members or grab an instructor for a set or two.

When it comes to Denise I’m really impressed over her deep technical skills and enormous experience.

In a very instructive way she guides the players how to think, move and how to act in different situations. She has the ability, as few do,  to teach on all levels really digging deep into details as much as having drills with high intensity.

In a very professional way she improves all players gradually and you can see a BIG difference after a week in just every aspect of the game, both technically and about the understanding of the game.

I have been instructor myself for many years and after been there twice I just love her way of coaching and picking up a lot of both well designed drills as her way to explain different kind of variety to the game.

She is just so instructive as you can wish for and all her previous experience on the world tour along with her passion of the game just makes the whole trip amazing.

Denise loves the game and is so keen to bring her heritage to coming generations in a very humble and engaging way is something that all present and upcoming beach volleyball players just can’t miss the opportunity to be a part of.

My best wishes to all involved in this fantastic camp. Looking forward to come again and work with BVInc again.

Jonas Liberg Coach/Instructor Beach Travels

Tel Aviv 2019

Thank you very much for your excellent coaching yesterday – as always your knowledge of the game and your enthusiasm are infectiously empowering.

I feel very energised and excited (I mean mentally, physically I feel a bit broken 🙂 


Croyde 2008

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