Our Camps

 2020 Croyde

Stay ‘Camp’ Vacation 

New for 2020.

A purpose built small camp of five people in the beautiful village of Croyde.

Limited weekends available.

Potential Tenerife Camps

 24 People

Training camps for winter from

27th-31st Dec 2020 
to 19th-23rd Jan 2021

Playa de Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

Our camps are intense, fun, friendly & social. Aimed at the already committed beach volleyball player with 5 intensive days of coaching and competitions plus 2 extra days’ playing.

POTENTIAL Tenerife Camps

6-8 People

Training camps for winter from

24th-28th Jan 2021
to 7-11th Feb 2021

Playa de Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

Three weeks for small groups only.

A weeks intensive camp with Head Coach Denise Austin? Then this is for you.

CANCELLED for 2020

International Beach Volleyball School

Are you or do you have a child who you would like to learn to speak English & they love to play volleyball then this is the English Beach Volleyball Camp for you!

It will bring young people from all over the world together who already have a love of beach volleyball but would like to combine it with learning English.

When the beach volleyball world comes back to life – Make Your Own Camp

If you and your friends would like to have a bespoke beach volleyball camp somewhere special in the world then Denise and her coaches are always open to new adventures. From private villas in Palma, to quiet remote courts in Mouronho, Portugal to Gordons Beach Tel Aviv. 

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