Anfi del Mar, Gran Canaria. 23rd - 30th January 2022. Intermediate to advanced. Male/Mixed.Week 1. expired_event - Event is a Draft



Please note as we are running small camps we will confirm your booking once we reach the registration threshold for each week of camp. Spaces are limited, we do envisage them being booked fairly quickly but please do not book flights until we have contacted you directly to confirm the camp is full.


The offseason training camps for winter 2022 will take place in Anfi del Mar, Gran Canaria. Our camps are fun, friendly, social and influential and aimed at the already committed beach volleyball player. There are various weeks to suit all levels. If you would like to ask about which week suits you, please do not hesitate to reach out. This camp is for eight players, with a week coaching with James Annells and Anna Rasmussen.


  • The camp comes with accommodation at the Marina Elite Resort with breakfast (Sun to Sun)  which is a few minutes walk from the beach.
  • Double or Twin room £505 for seven nights Bed and Breakfast plus seven days of beach volleyball.
  • Single Room £745 for seven nights Bed and Breakfast plus seven days of beach volleyball.
  • Extra nights accommodation is easily arranged please contact us directly.
  • Friends or family members, please just email us directly to arrange extra accommodation.


Beach Volleyball Inc is committed to delivering beach volleyball camps safely and responsibly and within government and World Health Organisation guidelines.

  • When booking we want to ensure straightforward uncomplicated terms & conditions.
  • We will be extremely flexible with bookings and will issue full refunds should the Covid-19 pandemic affect your circumstances.
  • We do ask you to communicate with us effectively and as efficiently so we can always look to fill your space.
  • Should Corona Virus affect our coaching staff we will endeavour to replace them and provide you with another quality coach from our team.


James Annells

James Annells is the lead coach for the beach volleyball camp alongside Anna Rasmussen.

Both Coaches are experienced teachers in their other lives and bring a wealth of knowledge about beach volleyball to the camp. A quick insight into their experience and passion for teaching and coaching.

James "I have been playing beach volleyball now for 8 years with the highlight of my career so far is representing England at a world tour qualifier event in Cambodia in 2019. I fell in love with the sport when I moved to North Devon in 2013 and was introduced to this version of the game by Denise Austin who was coaching from the school I had got a job teaching at. It was Denise who mentored me and brought me on board with Beach Volleyball Inc and initially involved me as an assistant coach with the England Junior programme she was running. Since then I have taught in schools and coached volleyball in the UK, coached on volleyball camps around Europe and coached alongside teaching for a year in Australia. The experience and skills that I have learned coaching alongside world-class coaches in both countries have enabled me to develop as a coach myself and I have enjoyed this so much that I have looked to move away from teaching and towards full time coaching. As a coach, I have had the opportunity of working with complete beginners both adult and child, developing juniors to play at the national team level and coaching one of the England men's teams at the world tour level. Each style of coaching is very different, but I love the unique challenge coaching provides at any level, with sharing my love of the sport being at the core of every session I run. This passion for the sport, love of meeting new people and maintaining friendships made through shared experiences and enjoyment of seeing people progress and excel is why I have continued to coach and run sessions, despite the circumstances of the last few years. During 2021 I have been lucky enough to take on most of the weekly coaching at the Academy of Beach Sports in North Devon, alongside working with Fireball Beach Volleyball, running camps and tournaments across the UK and abroad."

Anna, "I have always loved sport and volleyball has always been one of my favourites since an early teenager. After high school, I started coaching junior teams indoors and have continued to coach since at different schools and locations in Australia. When I started playing beach volleyball, I fell in love with the community as much as the game the more involved I became through playing and coaching. Watching others succeed throughout their own sporting journey has always brought me joy and a sense of fulfilment if I am involved in the coaching process, which is why I enjoy teaching all the same. Since being in the UK, it has become more obvious to me that no matter what walk of life you're from, being able to "play" enriches lives significantly and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that."



Beach Volleyball Inc takes great pride in the pedagogy which shapes its actions, judgments, and other teaching strategies. We take into consideration theories of learning, understandings of students and their needs, and the backgrounds and interests of individual students. This is a coaching camp for you not only to learn new drills and work hard but to understand your own mechanics and be able to go home with new knowledge to apply beyond the training, we will bring the best out of you from our whole hearted commitment to your development.


  • Day one arrival on Sunday, open courts is available from 11:00 - Sunset.
  • The training of the camp runs for five days Monday to Friday.
  • 9:15-10:45 Technical Session
  • 11:30-13:00 Physical conditioning beach volleyball session
  • 13:00-1:30 ocean or pool recovery session.
  • Open gameplay or small competitions in the afternoon from 3:30-Sunset usually around 6:30 pm
  • Afternoon sessions are flexible, when in need of a change or rest.
  • On the last day of the camp Saturday, we will run a competition alongside local players if possible or have a king and queen of the beach style event to finish times TBC.
  • Camp awards dinner Saturday evening
  • Sunday departure day courts will be available.


  • You are responsible for booking your flights.
  • Please do not book flights until the booking threshold is reached
  • Closest Airport: Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport - approx. 45 mins from Anfi Del Mar.

Airport Transfers

  • The hotel is located around a 30 - 45 minute journey from Gran Canaria Airport.
  • Private transfers will cost around £40
  • one way and shuttle tickets cost around £10 per person one way.
  • Public transport for around 7 euros.


To book your coaching offline or to discuss details please contact Denise Austin on 0777 33 82 305 or email Denise.


  • Insurance should be done at your own expense but we recommend insuring 4 sport that covers our coaches and company insurance. The link is for individual player insurance for volleyball for a year. UK residents, don't forget to click worldwide
  • Payment of £255 double/twin or £495 single must be made within 48 hours once we have reached the registration threshold, to secure the booking, if you need to make other arrangements please do email BACS  or Paypal +4.5% at checkout for the Camp Admission.
  • The outstanding balance of £250 must be made three weeks before the start date of your camp.
  • For an idea of our camps please see the video for our previous camps, please note these were in Tenerife.

And if you would like to read one of our athletes' blogs about attending the camps please do read Tenerife beach Volleyball Camps - A players view

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Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 10:00 am

Start Date: January 23, 2022
End Date: January 30, 2022

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