What If?

By selecting ‘Yes’ to the ‘What If’ question on the registration form, you agree that a full refund will not be issued after eight weeks before the start date of your camp.

We will guarantee to try to advertise your place, help with finding a new player to change the name on flights and signpost people to your accommodation to reduce your loss, as we realise the difficulty during this time.

We understand no one wants to cancel their holidays! From experience of organising beach camps we strongly recommend that you take out holiday cancellation insurance for emergencies, illness or injuries that can be covered.

We are sorry but as small business and cannot afford to refund beyond a certain point due to our organisational logistics.

We use Insure4Sport (https://www.insure4sport.co.uk/?ref=bvb) for our company and coaches insurance.

Please take a look and consider what they can offer to you. Also many banks will be able to offer the same or similar.

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