International Beach Volleyball School FAQ

Can I fly out on different days rather than a Sunday?

  • For Heathrow the only day is Saturday, for Bristol and Exeter please contact to see if arrangements can be made. 

Is it possible to stay for two weeks? Will the weeks be the same?

  • Yes that’s fine please deduct £88 pounds from the cost of the booking for two weeks.
  • The weeks structure will be the same but the development and learning will be vastly improved, there will be so much more time to assimilate the practice of beach volleyball as well as English!

Will there be separate English lessons not just beach volleyball lessons in English?

  • All the beach volleyball lessons will be in English, we will study through play, discussion and communication.
  • If you want extra sit down class room lessons with Country Cousins then you can book there for £30 each lesson extra, please email us.

What kind of level will the players be?

  • We cannot guarantee the level of the beach volleyball students, however we have local players who are international players who will be supporting the camp and training with the International Beach Volleyball School to make sure that we can cater for advanced players as well. We will also have coach trainers who will take part in the camp who are advanced players as well.

I am worried about sending my child alone on the plane, what happens when they land at the airport?

  • They will be met by someone from Country Cousins, in all the years they have been operating they haven’t lost a child.

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