Welcome to Beach Volleyball Inc, if this is your first visit or have been here before I am hoping that you will find what you are looking for if not please ask.

Beach Volleyball Inc is my company, Denise Austin, founded in 2000. I have been passionately involved in anything around beach volleyball since 1990.

Beach Volleyball Inc provides many services from coaching for any level player, with our successful beach volleyball camps in Croyde, Barry Island, Bournemouth, Yellowave, Worthing, Tenerife, France and Italy. We cater for the complete beginner to budding international players.

BVInc provides free phone consultations for anyone looking to build a beach volleyball court and can also help you build them, I love to collect sand and I have a sample of most of the beach courts across the UK. We will help with the suitability of your local sand suppliers or if you just need some helpful advice when you start building we are on the end of the phone through the whole process.

Over the years BVInc has provided Sony playstation II with all the moves and the athletes to write and produce beach volleyball games, models for a variety of products as well as growing the sport through coach and player development.

Many GBR players first learnt the fundamentals and developed into international beach volleyballers while spending time in Croyde, my home village, Lucy Boulton, Zara Dampney, Gregg Weaver, Jody Gooding, Jake and Luke Sheaf. The next generation of young players Anaya Evans, Ellie Austin, Sam Dunbavin, Haydn Lawson and Will Hartnoll have all been ‘grown’ locally through our club www.academyofbeachsports.org.uk

If you are looking to develop your beach volleyball coaching skills then we offer individual learning through working alongside our coaching or if you would like to run a beach volleyball coaching course for your club then I am the Staff Tutor for beach volleyball for Volleyball England.

It has been my honour to help pioneer and continue the growth of the sport in the UK and if you can’t see what you are looking for just ask and we will endeavour to provide or find it for you.

Yours in sport,
Denise Austin

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